About DolmanScott

Book Printing

We have been involved in book printing for more than fifteen years now. What started as very short run book printing, rapidly expanded to include paperback books then hardbacks, all in full colour and black & white. We print from 30 copies to 5000 copies plus, using digital and litho presses.

Book Publishing

Now, we also publish print on demand (PoD) books and eBooks and have worldwide distribution channels for both.

Book services

As demand grew so we have provided additional services to authors and we now have the widest range of book design and printing services available. These include proof reading, editing, cover design, layout & typesetting for all genres of books.


We are UK based but, now (July 2017) have offices in South Africa and France staffed by experienced professionals who provide support for both PoD, eBook publishing and book printing.

Our representative in Southern Africa is Stuart Murray, journalist, newspaper owner, author and publisher. Based in the Western Cape, he offers a wide spectrum of help, assistance and guidance to aspiring – and established – writers and authors.